Emergency Care Summary ECS

Your patient record is held securely and confidentially on the electronic system at your GP practice. If you require treatment in another NHS healthcare setting such as an Emergency Department or Minor Injury Unit, those treating you would be better able to give you appropriate care if some of the information from the GP practice were available to them.

Some information can now be shared electronically the Emergency Care Summary (ECS).  The information contained in this is limited to your demographics (Address, date of birth, contact details etc), recent and repeat medication and any recorded allergies.

This information is shared without explicit consent and if you would like to opt out, please ask reception for our opt out form.

Who Has Access?

  • in urgent or emergency care situations by clinical and administrative staff in Out of Hours organisations
     A&E, NHS24, the Scottish Ambulance Service and Acute Receiving Units when treating the relevant patient 
  • in scheduled care by a wider range of secondary care staff. This includes hospital-based pharmacists who are updating drug lists and plans and dentists directly employed by the NHS 
  • in continuing care by a range of staff in hospitals and hospices 

Information Source

GP record


  • Your demographics
  • Your current medications
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any bad reactions you have had to medicines

If you would like to provide more information 

Please discuss providing a "Key Information Summary" or KIS - this contains a problem summary and key details needed to provide personalised care abased on your wishes. Individualised consent is required for this to be initiated.