Florence BP

What is Florence?

Florence is a system that uses text messages to help you and your health professional monitor and/or manage your health and wellbeing condition more closely. This is a system that allows you to take your blood pressure(BP) in the comfort of your own home, and send the readings in by text message to the surgery when asked by 'Florence', the messaging service.

Florence can be used for many reasons such as:

  • monitoring the effects of starting or stopping a treatment programme
  • Reminding or encouraging you to do something to take care of yourself
  • Identifying flare-ups of your condition so that you get the right treatment sooner
  • Identifying reasons why your condition might not be well controlled
  • Offering advice and support during a programme


Flo patient information leaflet

Consent Form

If you attend for an appointment with you GP/Practice nurse or HCA and they feel you fit the criteria for joining florence they will advise you to have a look at the links above before your follow up appointment.